Noncompete Agreements in Texas

“Is my Texas non-compete agreement enforceable?”


This is a question routinely asked by both employers and employees. Texas law disfavors contracts that restrict employee mobility. Texas courts acknowledge the substantial economic benefit in allowing people to change jobs and industries. But Texas law also recognizes that employers have valid interests–such as protecting their trade secrets and goodwill.

Balancing these interests, Texas law allows for non compete agreements in some circumstances. A properly-worded noncompete – one which is related to a legitimate interest, such as trade secret protection, and which is reasonable in scope – can be enforceable. Even if a particular noncompete is enforceable, though, a court may decide not to force an employee to comply with it. The particular details of each agreement, and each situation, must be evaluated.

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Worldwide Geographic Restriction of Texas Noncompete Agreements May Be Enforceable Last revised: 10.17.16 In the past, Texas courts have not fully embraced the ability of a non-compete agreement to restrict an employee from working anywhere in the world.  In several cases, Texas courts have held that the proper geographic scope of a noncompete agreement is…

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In recent years, Texas courts have shown support for the employer’s use of non-compete agreements. The courts have done so by finding certain requirements of enforceability implied in non-compete agreements in some circumstances. Despite this trend, in June 2015, the federal appellate court that covers Texas ruled that a duty to keep information confidential cannot…

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A Texas appellate court recently addressed the question of whether money is sufficient to support a non-compete agreement.  The court ruled that money was not enough and that the non-compete’s purpose must be to protect a legitimate business interest. The contract at issue was for a company (“Company A”) to provide hospitalist services and to…

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As readers of this blog know, noncompete agreements are increasingly enforceable in Texas.  However, even in Texas, not all noncompete agreements comply with the statutory requirements. In a case decided a few months ago, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, applying Texas law, held that a particular noncompete agreement was unenforceable. …

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Texas Noncompete Agreements Must Be Reasonable in Scope

February 6, 2015 / By Robert Wood
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Hiring employees, training them, and granting them access to industry secrets or client lists exposes employers to the possibility that employees will utilize this valued information against them.  In order to protect themselves, employers will often include a covenant not to compete provision in an employment contract, commonly known as a “non-compete.”  However, it is…

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