Why Using a Free Template for Your Texas Non-Compete Agreement Is a Bad Idea

July 30, 2021 / By Robert Wood
Non Compete Agreements in Texas

In today’s global and ever-changing business world, employers and employees have several types of contracts to consider. One of these is non-compete agreements. These extraordinarily important contracts significantly impact both parties and should always be created by experienced attorneys.   In some legal circumstances, legal templates can be helpful. However, they are not effective for non-compete…

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Calculating a Noncompete’s Geographic Scope: By Driving Distance, Or “As The Crow Flies”?

July 12, 2021 / By Robert Wood
Articles // Non Compete Agreements in Texas

This is a topic that occasionally comes up with respect to geographic limits on Texas noncompetes. If the noncompete provision contains a 10-mile geographic scope, does that mean ten miles measured in driving distance or ten miles through the air? Sometimes, this is an important distinction, because a particular point might be ten miles away…

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